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The goal is to get in shape, get educate and stay there. 2020 is the year that you're going take the leap of faith and invest in yourself, your body, your results!


You will be coached amongst 3 other people looking to achieve results just like you. The group will never be more than this. This is to ensure that I can give each and everyone of you the time and support you need throughout our session.

You will be taught from the rebound FOXHOUND FITNESS STUDIOS.  This is a private studio and not open to the general public, only Its and their clients. This is to ensure that you feel safe and can grow your confidence in a supportive environment without topless 'bros' taking up all the space.

I will coach you over the 8 weeks following a specific programme to get you the results you want- but, I am not a 'yes' woman. You have to put the graft in, you have to turn up both to sessions and to your daily goals. So if youre thinking of applying, you have to be prepared to work.

Nutritionally you will be provided with recipes, nutrition plans and most importantly education! No one wants to eat off a plan for the rest of their life, so lets create one that works for you - yes it can include pizza.

So , what other support do you get ?


       Access to the online group with support from myself and other memeber

       Low calorie recipe books for those who love to cook

      Journal support for check ins

     App for workouts to cover outside of our sessions and messaging services straight to VAMP.

     2 FaceTime checkins to review your progress with me.

     Access to the 30 Day mindset forum.

     Discounted PT for those of you who want to put in the extra time.

     Nutritional guidance, support and education.

The overall goal is to get the results you want, but ultimately educate you in such a way that you never feel confused or that youre starting over again. I am here to teach you to keep the results coming month on month !

What if I don't live in Leicester ?

Don't worry there is an intense online  30 days version available.

When will the training be?

In person coaching will be Thursdays at 7:30 and Saturday mornings at 11:30








Both package options will start MARCH 5TH 2020.


* Secure your spot with a non refundable deposit of £100 for the 1/4 group training. For this option please contact vamp directly on :

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