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"I am not one who usually posts reviews on experiences or places I have been. However there is an exception and in this case it is VAMP fitness. I have been training with Victoria for just over two months (Three times a week for 30 mins as I am a full time mum and working professional), and he approach to fitness and lifestyle living is both refreshing and inspiring – it’s her attitude towards having a strong body not a skinny one!

I actually enjoy my training (I know right but it’s true) with my sessions always varied and more importantly fun!

Don’t get me wrong she hasn’t been easy on me but results have been visibly noticeable and within a few weeks too.

My waist, tummy and legs are a few sizes down. I feel stronger and healthier than ever before!"

-Farreha Mahmood

"I had a great PT experience with Victoria. I feel that my body has changed significantly and I’m very happy with the results. As a complete beginner, I learned the magic of lifting, right nutrition and supplements for my body type! I truly recommend Vamp to anyone looking for a friendly and motivational personal trainer who can give you real fitness transformations"


"Vamp fitness was a life saver before I went away for the summer. Victoria really pushed me to look better than I ever had, and I would never have been able to do it alone! I would fully recommend Vamp fitness to anyone, it beats any class by a mile!

P.S I only stopped because I had to move gym"


"I loved training with Victoria. It was hard, but time was going so fast because I was also having fun. I could see my results and was very happy about it. I would never reach such results without Victoria’s training.

Victoria proved that I could do my exercises that I would say I couldn’t do, thank you!"

-Evelina Taster

"I worked with Victoria after many years of one on one training with PTs on and off. I never thought online training would work for me, I was very much of the belief that ‘I need someone screaming at me to make me work’, but I got highly recommended VAMP, and I thought I’d give it a go.

I made contact with Victoria and she immediately sent me a questionnaire to complete. She really delved into my previous training, what had worked and what didn’t, which was something no other PTs had taken the time or interest to do. She agreed with me a go live date for my programme, and everything was uploaded and ready for me to see the week before. Victoria is extremely professional, approachable, knowledgeable and really pro-active, checking in with me regularly.


I cannot recommend Victoria and her online training approach. Completely affordable, and has really suited me, getting me better results that I had ever expected!"

- Georgina chelmsford