Have you ever wondered why some people seem to just "get it" when it comes to their health and fitness journey. Its like they wake up one day and all of a sudden everything goes their way. So why not you ? Youre a self employed motivated human that has created a business so why can't you seem to create consistency in your health and fitness goals???

There are 2 answers


1) you're just not ready. It may sound harsh to you but it shouldn't. On some level you are just not ready to embody or action everything that is required to successfully hit your health and fitness goals YET! That doesn't mean forget it all and throw caution to the wind and let it sail you into 10 Mac Donalds a day ! No, it means take each day as it comes, think healthy over hearty when it comes to food and keep moving - MVP as I call it . Minimal viable progression .( for more info on this head over to my PODCAST VAMPOWER).

The second answer and the one we don't realise is that maybe it's because your starting point is different, so its a lot more difficult for you to create the action that is required for growth in this area of life. You wouldn't go straight into building a house with instructions written in a language you sort of know from back in school would you? the process would be arduous and laboured.

So, that's why Im here. I'm here to cultivate a space which you can thrive in. This offering comes in 2 parts both of which compliment to create a beautiful community of like minded women but with all the support from myself as your 121 coach .

Together we will journey through 6 weeks of  understanding, action, adaptation, education and acknowledgement. It will be spread over 6 weeks because during this time you will go through variations of wellbeing, motivation, "failures' and wins.

Dont get me wrong its not going to be easy, when we adapt or change there will naturally be obstacles, the difference is this time you have me in your corner. Yes that voice in your head may say "fuck it ..." but then you'll also have my voice saying "yeh fuck it...but then do it anyway". 

Together we will integrate you into the healthier happier lifestyle that goes beyond aesthetics, it goes beyond the bikini, its all about communication, mind, body and BUSINESS.


 IGNITE will literally do that - IGNITE, we will be igniting not only your passion for success, for growth, for results through the mind and body, but also in business! We are going to be having ,group or 121 or both depending on the path you choose, zoom calls to discuss anything and everything about being a female business owner. There are no topics off the table, we are here to create balance MIND - BODY - BUSINESS. 


Dont worry , there's more, we will train together, you will train alone, we will converse as a community, we will talk 121 BUT the biggest take away is YOURE NOT ALONE IN THIS!

"So , what is it , get to the price already , I want results but what's the cost."

If this is you, maybe youre still not ready, whether its timing wise or mindset wise and once again, that's ok x

But, your body and well being should not be seen as cost unless counter productive. If COVID has taught us anything its that giving back to our bodies and mind is an investment. Believe it or not, but you have the answers, and youre not going to let yourself down, that's not a thing.

I say YOU and speak with certainty, because ultimately that's why youre here and that's a powerful headspace to be in. YOU are going to do this, for YOU . If youre doing it for someone else, then from my years of working with people I can tell you now, you have a hard struggle ahead of you and IGNITE is defiantly not the space for you to be in at this time.

Right, sorry I get overly passionate about this because I've seen the magic that happens when the self belief fire gets ignited. 

Opportunity 1: Group only (£380) 

121 journey Plan with VAMP (zoom call)

Group bi weekly zoom 

3 WEEKLY LIVE workouts (group)

Personalised Training programme

Weekly email Checkin

Nutritional guidance and support

Facebook Body and Business Community

Opportunity 2: (£500) 2 spaces

121 Journey Plan with VAMP (Zoom)

Group bi weekly zoom mind/body summit

Group Training zoom weekly 

Weekly Zoom 121

Weekly Email accountability 

Daily VOXER access to VAMP ( checkins)

VAMPETS (bits I think will support you throughout our time together eg) meditations/workouts/ other professionals I recommend)

Nutritional guidance and support

3WEEKLY LIVE workouts (group)

There are payment options available so if needed feel free to direct message or email me and I will send you the separate link.

So, this is the first all female entrepreneur offerings I have launched and the reason why is because I have decided to build a place where I want to be, a place where I unapologetically want to work with powerful motivated women. Women who want to get shit done and on their terms. And that's what I want you to take from this, whether or not you choose to invest this time around. 

You can live a healthier happier lifestyle of mind and body confidence, and you can have it on your terms. The truth is, youre more likely to succeed along a path you've built and invested for yourself , than trying to follow someone else's, their path is built with purpose, values, goals, their path is built for them. You too can create your success, your path, built with your let me support that ! 


VAMP Fitness






"I am not one who usually posts reviews on experiences or places I have been. However there is an exception and in this case it is VAMP fitness. I have been training with Victoria for just over two months (Three times a week for 30 mins as I am a full time mum and working professional), and he approach to fitness and lifestyle living is both refreshing and inspiring – it’s her attitude towards having a strong body not a skinny one!

I actually enjoy my training (I know right but it’s true) with my sessions always varied and more importantly fun!

Don’t get me wrong she hasn’t been easy on me but results have been visibly noticeable and within a few weeks too.

My waist, tummy and legs are a few sizes down. I feel stronger and healthier than ever before!"

-Farreha Mahmood

"I had a great PT experience with Victoria. I feel that my body has changed significantly and I’m very happy with the results. As a complete beginner, I learned the magic of lifting, right nutrition and supplements for my body type! I truly recommend Vamp to anyone looking for a friendly and motivational personal trainer who can give you real fitness transformations"


"Vamp fitness was a life saver before I went away for the summer. Victoria really pushed me to look better than I ever had, and I would never have been able to do it alone! I would fully recommend Vamp fitness to anyone, it beats any class by a mile!

P.S I only stopped because I had to move gym"


"I loved training with Victoria. It was hard, but time was going so fast because I was also having fun. I could see my results and was very happy about it. I would never reach such results without Victoria’s training.

Victoria proved that I could do my exercises that I would say I couldn’t do, thank you!"

-Evelina Taster

"I worked with Victoria after many years of one on one training with PTs on and off. I never thought online training would work for me, I was very much of the belief that ‘I need someone screaming at me to make me work’, but I got highly recommended VAMP, and I thought I’d give it a go.

I made contact with Victoria and she immediately sent me a questionnaire to complete. She really delved into my previous training, what had worked and what didn’t, which was something no other PTs had taken the time or interest to do. She agreed with me a go live date for my programme, and everything was uploaded and ready for me to see the week before. Victoria is extremely professional, approachable, knowledgeable and really pro-active, checking in with me regularly.


I cannot recommend Victoria and her online training approach. Completely affordable, and has really suited me, getting me better results that I had ever expected!"

- Georgina chelmsford